Candid Photography Tips For Taking Spontaneous Pictures

Candid photos are great because they look more spontaneous and less cheesy. A candid shot often lets you see what people really look like. In this article you’ll learn how to improve your candid photography by using a few easy to use techniques.

One of the best bits of advice I give all inspiring candid photography is to bring your camera with you everywhere you go. This is when having a good point-and-shoot camera comes in handy. The small size of these cameras make it easy to bring them just about anywhere.

Having your camera with you at all times helps you catch those spontaneous moments in life that you just can’t plan. Another benefit is that your friends and family get used to seeing you carrying a camera and don’t change their behavior when you start taking photos. This helps capture people when they look more natural.



You should try minimizing your use of flash as much as possible. Nothing kills a perfect moment more than seeing a flash go off. In low light situations you can compensate by increasing the ISO and opening the aperture. If you absolutely have to use a flash, don’t use red eye mode that some cameras have. Red eye mode creates multiple flashes before the picture is taken (to help constricts the pupils in the eye) and is very distracting.

Try to take as many photos as you can. If your camera has a continuous shooting mode, use it. You will increase your chances of taking that perfect shot.

Think two steps ahead of your subjects. This might sound impossible, but its actually pretty easy to do. At a wedding, you know when certain things are going to happen. If someone’s telling a joke, there’s a good chance the people will be laughing. By planning ahead you can get into position and setup the shot.

When you candid wedding photography in kolkata people doing things, you almost always get more interesting and spontaneous looking shots than ones where people are just sitting or standing around. Taking a photo when people are laughing is almost guaranteed to be great. Plus, when someone is busy doing something else, they aren’t focused on you taking pictures of them.

You should also take photos of multiple people at the same time. Having more than one person in a photo helps create a story and emotion around whatever situation is taking place.


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