Candid Photography For Beginners

When you get your new camera, you will be tempted to take photographs of everyone and everything. Once you find out how easy it is to take pictures with your beginner camera, you will delight in capturing your friends and family on your camera.

The only thing that spoils many of your shots is the posed look so many people get when they know you are taking their photo. Even worse is the number of shots ruined by those shy ones who turn away from the camera.


One way to get good candid wedding photography in kolkata of people is to take photos when they are not looking. If you carry your camera everywhere, you may find plenty of opportunities to take shots without your shy friends noticing. Once they see the lovely photograph they may not mind you catching them unaware. You will find the natural look is far superior to the posed shot, too.

If you look at the magazines, you will notice that many of the pictures are taken without the subjects looking into the camera. These shots are often more interesting than they would be otherwise. Try it for yourself. Take some photographs of people who are not looking directly at you. Sometimes you can snap some very interesting expressions on their faces.

Try taking pictures of children at play, or of people having a conversation. Sometimes the expressions on their faces say so much more than can be conveyed with mere words.

Candid photography can catch people at their most honest. It is fascinating at times to see this honesty. It could be the difference between a beginner snapshot and a professional photograph.


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