Pre wedding photographer in kolkata Arrangements For A Hindu Wedding

Indian weddings include a number of rituals both on the bride’s part as well as on the groom’s part. These ceremonies start a week earlier before the main day where the final knot is tied between the bride and groom. For these rituals to take place, pre wedding photographer in kolkata are done so that everything is carried out smoothly as per the traditions.

First step, after the two families agreed upon the relation, is a grand announcement of the wedding, which is done by a formal engagement ceremony, inviting relatives & friends and exchanging good wishes for each others families. The main day of wedding is decided by the priest according to the astrological figures and horoscopes. Once the date has been decided, required preparations are commenced by both the families, including booking of a venue, caterers, music and entertainment bands, decorators, printing invitation cards, hiring a wedding organizer, if possible etc.

Deciding on a Wedding Venue

Once the date has been finalized by the two families, the search for a wedding venue starts, keeping in mind the number of persons expected. The busy wedding season doesn’t give any room to late comers, so you need to book the venue as soon as possible of your desired choice.

Finalizing the Caterers

The next step would be choosing a good caterer according to your taste and budget, thereby deciding upon the menu you want to serve on the big day.

Decoration of the Venue

Indian weddings are famous for their culture, tradition and their decoration. Hence, the next step would be to select a color theme, tent and stage design for the main event by discussing it with your service provider according to your pocket and choice.

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The wedding season may be termed as the synonym for shopping. Every family member buys new attire for the wedding. Special attire is designed for the bride and the groom. Families share gifts and wishes at the time of Milni, (Both the families meet at the entrance on the main day) tradition that is quite popular in Hindu candid wedding photography in kolkata.

Inviting Guests

The list of invitees is prepared, starting from relatives to friends, colleagues to bosses so that everyone comes and grants wishes to the bride and groom for their future. Cross check the list to make sure everyone is on the list.

Wedding cards

When the list is ready and you know the number of families to be invited, finalize on the wedding cards. Select the print of the card and the color combination of your choice. It basically depends on the budget which you have decided for the wedding cards. Based on the same the quality of paper for the card is determined and customized according to the requirement.


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