Photography Comes From The Heart

A lot of people underestimate the value of a candid wedding photography when planning of special occasions such as wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, christening etc. happenings that could only comes ones in a complete life time. It isn’t surprising that additional money is committed to decorations, catering and entertainment rather than on what I consider to become more important thing. For me, the photographer is the main person in the look of the memorable event.

After you will need to have put in a total whole lot on clothes to wear, wedding dresses perhaps, wedding caterers and entertainment for your visitor, in the end is said and done … what exactly are you still left with? Obviously! The expenses and a lot of clearing up to do. But with your appreciated memories well recorded you have everything to be worked up about. You cannot breeze back the forearms of the time clock, and there’s a limit from what you can recollect of your day and besides as time passes, these memories fade but the damage and regrets of failing to have your entire day well recorded grows as the years spin by. The consequences of not buying professional picture taking would stare right in that person and would replace the nice memories of this day with hate and regrets.


Picture taking is more than the function of directing a firing and camera, whether it’s a point-and -shoot camera or a specialist one. You could have the best picture taking skills, the best camera and lens however the ‘Midas’ touch is placed within the heart and soul of the professional photographer. By looking at a stock portfolio of photographs considered by a professional photographer you can create the photographer’s account. In my own view, photography can be an manifestation of the heart and soul and brain of the person behind the camera. Your creative imagination easily shows from your works, it originates from within you. As musicians just, poets and musician go to town through their masterpiece of design, a candid photographer in kolkata expresses himself though his works as well.

A person in melody along with his our her thoughts and with the right skills would probably create a more detailed coverage of psychological events like marriages, birthdays and anniversaries when compared to a person just paid to pay the event. Today captures creatively the thoughts and excitements of the event reportage style photography as it is called. Capturing candid occasions that basically represents your day as opposed to the posed shots or what I call the ‘make believe shots’ where you might have to get everyone to state cheese to encourage them to smile.

So the the next time to point a camera to have a image either as a spare time activity of an occupation, have a second to take into account what you would like to communicate in the pictures you take. Could it be love, enjoyment and pleasure or hate sorrow and anguish? The choice is completely yours once you press the button it makes everyone’s focus.


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